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The Ghost Kat is an art studio created and run by Kate. The Ghost Kat has a wide range of concentrations including tattooing, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, writing, and more. 

Kate is the designer of all art on the website. She has been an artist all of her life and founded The Ghost Kat in 2018 as a central place to combine many of her interests. 


Fill out the tattoo inquiry form for any questions or interest in tattoo. Tattoos are scheduled by appointment only. The Ghost Kat tattoos in NYC as well as LA, focusing on fine line work and small detail.


Why haven't I heard back after filling out a tattoo form?

Response times vary based on a variety of factors.

Due to a high volume of messages, you may not receive a response if your project is not something that aligns with the artist. This way no-one's time is wasted. If books are open and the project aligns, you will receive a response via email. Be sure to check your spam mail as these response emails sometimes wind up there.

Depending on what city you are inquiring for, you will get a response when books open for that city with a time frame of what dates are available. If you do not hear a response the first time, please try again! 

When will my print order arrive?

Prints will be shipped out in a timely manner, we aim for 5-7 business days, however this may vary. Print orders are fulfilled with a third-party printing company and shipped directly from their factory. 

Do you offer returns on prints?

All print sales are final. Each order is made on demand. If any damages are made to the print while in transit please contact for replacement. 

Questions about Ghost Kat Studio clothing:

Ghost Kat Studio operates through a different website and is run by a team. Kate is not personally fulfilling these orders, they are manufactured and shipped from a factory in downtown LA. For all questions regarding orders or anything else related to Ghost Kat Studio, please contact:

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